The Spirit Within Us Lights Up The Darkness Around Us

We come to celebrate the Light, but we don’t take the Light out of the church.
— Pastor Rodney

For a performer-type like myself, the idea of being the hands and feet of Christ can feel like a heavy, expectation-laden burden.

However. That only happens when I think it all depends on me. As I’ve uprooted that lie over the course of time, I see that first, it is a great privilege to represent Christ. I’ll do it wrong sometimes, of course (we all will). But even in His forgiveness, I get to show how good He is.

Also, and more importantly, He reminds us that all of this is done in response. It’s out of the overflow of what He has done for and in us, not because we need to earn anything (we couldn’t!).

If we have truly stepped into the light and been redeemed, set free, and loved beyond our wildest dreams, then how could we not bring that light with us into every single space? How could we resist the chance to bring the hope within us into a broken world? The Spirit within us lights up the darkness around us just by His nature. And He came so that we could go, so that we could be sent, so that we would take what He has given us and give it away. And He’s just good enough to keep refilling us, to even satisfy us more as we do the work He’s set in front of us.

And what a privilege it is that He wants to use us, for each of us is a broken vessel. Yet we carry a great light. And the world knows us by our love, by our unity, by the way we love those in need.

So go with confidence. Go with thankfulness. Go to serve, and watch Him work.