The variable isn’t God. It’s us.

How much room are you making for Jesus in your life?
— Pastor Rodney

It’s so easy to forget that God wants to speak with us when we aren’t making time to listen. And the less we make time, the easier it is to perpetuate the habit. Not only is our world so busy and noisy and calling for our attention, but Jesus says that the more we listen, the more we understand, and vice versa — the less we listen, the less we will understand. It’s a principle that can be either encouraging or discouraging, all depending on how much room we are making for Him to speak.

But in case you need the reminder, here it is: God wants to speak to you. God has a plan for you, and He wants to reveal it to you.

Yet God is not forceful. He created us with the ability to make choices, to come close to Him or to drift away based on those choices. And He put principles in place — choose Him, and you get life. Draw near, and He draws nearer, too. Ask, seek, knock, and He will answer in the best ways.

The variable isn’t God. It’s us. It’s you, and it’s me. God is always faithful, available, kind, good, intentional. His Spirit always produces love and joy and peace and self-control. We get to make space for Him to work and move and shift us and teach us, or not. We get to learn His voice, or not. We get to enjoy the freedom from walking in the light, or not. We get to know His promptings, or not. We are the variable. And we can make space right now, today, for Jesus.