There Is A Life Of Purpose God Has In Store For You

God wants to take your ordinary life and turn it around for His purposes.
— Pastor Rodney

One of my favorite (and most needed) phrases to repeat to myself is, “God is not surprised.” I remember in the Psalms when David remembered how God knew all the days of his life before he was born, how God formed him and knew him and saw him no matter where David was. God isn’t shocked at how we are put together, at the dreams in our hearts or the gifts of our hands. He is all-knowing and intimately involved in the details of our lives — of your life.

He has a massive tapestry of a plan, and we get to be involved. He isn’t impressed with pedigree or clout. He uses the foolish things to teach the wise. He doesn’t need you to come to Him perfectly put together, but He does give us a choice. We don’t have to say yes, but what joy awaits us when we do.

There is a life of purpose God has in store for you. He loves us so much that He is willing to use us and redeem our stories for something great and glorious.

Don’t allow the lie that you are too far gone or too ordinary to blind you from God’s calling on your life. Believing those things can stop us before we even begin. Instead, step up, believing He has a plan for you — because He does. Show up with open hands, asking Him to give you a mission — because He will. And if you know already what He’s asking of you or where He’s leading you or what He has planned, pray the words Mary formed: “Be it unto me, according to your will.” And trust. For He is good, better than we could imagine.

Call to action:

Pray that God would give you clarity or courage for what His specific call is for you (or both).

Sarah Ann RogersComment