There Is Only One Way To True Freedom

As long as we rely on God’s grace, we are free.
— Pastor Rodney

Freedom from shame. Freedom from addiction. Freedom from the sins that haunted generations past. Freedom from comparison. Freedom from insecurity. Freedom from darkness. From anxiety. From fear. From hopelessness.

This is the freedom that we receive wholly, undeservedly. Yet often, we don’t operate in that full freedom. We don’t live and walk and run like we are just that free. We feel weighed down by our sin or the future or the past or the current moment.

But Scripture declares that who the Son sets free…

Is free indeed.

But we are human, and we forget so quickly. We slip back into relying on our own selves, striving with our own strength. We see the world around us, and we let it burden us. We see our own sin, and we let that burden us, too. And we try to muster through, forgetting that it is not we who win our own freedom. 

This world can feel overwhelming. Problems and sins can slip around our ankles and feel like shackles causing us to stumble. But when we draw near, He draws near. There is only one way to true freedom, but it’s available. And we are so dependent. We are so needy — but we are given all we need. We might need it every day, every moment, but the more reliant we become, the freer we realize we are. Free to move forward. Free to find our confidence and identity in Christ. Free to set others free. Free indeed.