This Is The Kind Of Hope We Get To Live With

What the Lord said, He will fulfill… This is why you stand on God’s promises instead of today’s reality.
— Pastor Rodney

I have a tendency to revert to the belief that God working all things out for good means that I will never suffer or lose or not get what I want out of life — whether that be health or success or community or some other good thing. Yet I have lived long enough to know that if I base my hope on that conditional life, on getting what I want when I want it because I believe, I will be sorely disappointed. There are always going to be things like grief and loss and confusion and darkness. Live life expecting only ease, and you’ll end up more confused and overwhelmed than where you started.

I can’t imagine what those close to Jesus felt that weekend. I can’t imagine the hopelessness. But I can access my own disappointments. I remember moments that didn’t seem passable, darkness that felt so heavy it would never lift. And I ache with the disciples and Mary and the other followers as I think about it.

The reason we don’t spend much time remembering the weekend is because we know what happened on Sunday, and Sunday eclipses completely, totally, overwhelmingly any of the pain from Friday and Saturday.

Friends, this is the kind of hope we get to live with. We can live in the middle of our weekend knowing that what is coming, the fulfillment of God’s promises on His timing, will heal what we feel in the moment. It doesn’t mean we ignore today, for that’s impossible. It means that we base our lives, that we take our next steps, that we force our eyes upon the hope that was purchased for us on the Cross and fulfilled for us by His resurrection.

When the Bible says that hope doesn’t disappoint, this is the hope it was referencing — this eternal hope, this deep inner trust that though we don’t see it, we don’t feel it, we know that Sunday is coming, that there is an answer, that there is relief and salvation and ultimate healing coming. And we stand firm on this, for it is our lifeline.

Think it over:

How can you apply the hope of “Sunday” to wherever you are right now? What is a practical way you can remind yourself of what is true?

Read for next week:

Luke 24:13-53