Trust the Truth


There are lots of reasons we aren’t in the Word as often as we should be. Sometimes we feel too busy. Sometimes, we don’t know where to start.
But I think there’s another reason we don’t like to talk about — the truth that weaves its way through the Word can make us itchy and squirmy and uncomfortable.
It tells us to let go of the things of this world, to turn our eyes solely toward the King, to seek and treasure the Kingdom, to serve instead of be served, to love others as much as we love ourselves, to honor our parents, to run from any sort of sexual sin. It’s divisive in the sense that it doesn’t leave you where you are, how you are. To read and believe and agree with the Word through the way we live requires obedience.
But it also sets us free.
The same truth that makes us uncomfortable lights up the shadows, releases us from the bondage of shame and the power of sin. It is our power, our bread, the evidence of the greatest love story ever told. It calls us out and it calls us up. When we grab hold of it, we can finally leave behind our pasts, our brokenness, our bitterness.
It equips us to set others free. It’s our tool for communicating God to a hurting world, to the people He came for.
Yet we shy away, for we are afraid of discomfort. We live in a time when holding fast to one Truth is incredibly unpopular. But without truth, we are lost. Without the whole nature of Jesus' boldness, we would never be able to walk out of our sin or our bondage. What if Jesus shied away, seeking relevance and comfort? Aren’t we thankful He didn’t? And yet we want those very things — grace without truth, freedom without change.
He loves us too much to let that be the case — to leave us the same, to let us avoid the truth.
Let us trust the truth and run to it. Let us allow it to set us free and change us radically. Let our lives be such testaments and our words so full of it that others would be drawn, seeing the real freedom we possess.

Call to action:

As you spend time in the Word this week, pray boldly for freedom and change to take place.

Read for next week:

Luke 13:10-35

Sarah Ann RogersComment