We Are Not In Control, But We Are Loved By A God Who Is

It’s not God who lacks the ability; it’s you and I who lack the faith.
— Pastor Mike Woodard

I’ve been interested lately in what it would look like to take God at His word. If I really believed that He created the world and sent His son for my redemption and parted the Red Sea, then what would change about the way I talk? Or pray? Or live?

Praying with faith is messy though, and that’s all right to acknowledge. Trusting that God knows best but still asking for something specific can feel scary — but that’s often because we aren’t reminding ourselves of who He is. He is the most kind, the most generous, the most faithful God. He is not like us. He doesn’t falter in His character. So when we pray, we can bring our limited knowledge and our heart desires all before Him, and we can trust that He is going to do what is best. He can be trusted to change what needs to be changed, whether it be our situation or our perspective.

Yet He tells us to ask Him for what we need. He works through our prayers in so many ways. He increases our faith. He gives power to our words. He draws us near to Himself. He reminds us that we are not in control but that we are loved by a God who is.

Sarah Ann RogersComment