We Have To Be Willing To Let Some Things Die

Spiritual salvation comes through dying and not fighting.
— Pastor Rodney

There is no way around the fact that death isn’t pretty. I’ve been trying to think of how to make it sound nice, but it’s not. Death is death; it’s hard, it’s subtraction, it’s unpleasant all the way around.

Yet there is a kind of death that produces life, and we have to go through the hard to get to the better.

Jesus is the biggest, most monumental example of this. His death was gruesome and public and horrifying, yet on the other side was the salvation of sinners, life eternal.

As followers of Jesus, it’s easy to forget that though we are recipients of that free gift of salvation, to receive it and any other kind of spiritual change, we have to be willing to let some things die. The life of the Christian is a constant putting to death of some things for the other things to come alive.

For me, it can look like putting to death my plans for obedience to God’s calling.

It can look like sacrificing my time to raise people who know they’re loved.
It can look like buying less so that we can give more.
It can look like going to the feet of God multiple times in one day, asking Him to take away my selfishness and replace it with Spirit-led thoughts and intentions.

But it doesn’t look like hoarding, like never having to give anything up.

And I’m not always given a glimpse of the other side. Maybe if we were, it’d be easier. Maybe not, too, because I bet Jesus knew how worth it His sacrifice was, yet He still sweated bloody bullets. But we have this great hope and faith that when we submit our time or our plans or whatever else He asks of us, there is life on the other side, whether now or in eternity.

Think it over:

What are you holding on to that God is asking you to give up? Ask Him to help you trust Him with the outcome of your sacrifice, and take that step.

Read for next week:

Luke 22:63 - 23:25