We live in a very noisy world...

To change your actions, you’ve got to make a decision on WHO you’re going to allow to condition your mind.
— Pastor Rodney

We live in a very noisy world. We’re rarely bored and often overwhelmed. Excess is our norm, and boundaries are shunned. In this climate, we need to be on the defense for our hearts and minds as much as we need to be on the offense.

It is an elementary teaching, but we forget it all of the time: what you see and hear affects how you think and feel. It’s why I don’t let my children watch horror movies. It’s why I’m so diligent to guard their screen time. It’s why I’m trying, even at young ages, to equip them to do the same for themselves. For the world, though not big and scary, is again, very noisy. And if we aren’t diligent, we will absorb whatever is thrown at us. If we aren’t aware, we’ll be conditioned by input we didn’t mean to have in the first place.

And once we have become diligent to guard our boundaries, we can be on the offense as well. We can take in truth and stand in the light and seek the One who rises above all of this atmospheric noise around us. We can fill ourselves, allowing God to change the way we think, act, and love. 

What a blessed privilege to have the gift of self-control and the gift of truth, both.