We Must Be Willing And We Must Be Listening

God is ready to answer your prayers. But God also wants you to answer other people’s prayers. And that’s the beauty of the living church.
— Pastor Rodney

God doesn’t need me to do anything. The Bible says that if we don’t praise Him, the rocks will cry out. He is all powerful, all present, all knowing, and fully deserving of glory. Yet. He allows me to participate.

I think it’s very easy to forget what an amazing, humbling thing it is that God created us for a purpose and then speaks to us through His Spirit to effect change in the world. He chooses to advance His kingdom through His people. He could do it by force, but He doesn’t. He partners with us, flaws and all. He knows our deepest darkness, yet He redeems it and makes a way for us to take part in blessing other people.

In our obedience, people can experience the Spirit of God and His power and redemption and kindness. But we must be willing. And we must be listening. We must know His voice and be poised to respond. We must have the margin to say yes and the humility to make it about Him. For we are not in control. It is not only about us. Yet we get to play a part in His story. That’s redemption, that’s kindness, and that’s God’s way.

Sarah Ann RogersComment