We Need Each Other

God called us to be together, not alone.
— Pastor Rodney

Sometimes we live under the impression that if God called us to it, it will be easy and breezy and beautiful. So when relationships are messy, we think it’s alright to bail. Because it’s hard, and if it’s what God intended, it would come more naturally, right?

I saw a post on social media today where a person who left their spouse said, “I wasn’t happy. We all deserve to be happy.” And I don’t know the specifics; I’m sure there’s more to that story. Yet it did make me think about relationships and how dangerous living for complete daily happiness and ease could be. Just think about parenthood. What if we discounted it because it didn’t always bring us happiness, because it was hard sometimes? That’s silly, and most of us know it, but we can unwittingly treat other relationships the same.

But Jesus came with a different way. He loved when He was despised. He taught kindness in the face of dark and heavy sin. He relieved people of their burdens; He didn’t add to them.

And He said that we would be known by our love, that division was not supposed to define us.

So we can trust Him and lean in, even when it’s messy. We celebrate with those who celebrate, we weep with those who weep, we apologize when we are wrong, and we seek reconciliation where we can. Because we need each other. Because the Body is stronger when we obey, when we love, when we support and hold up and stand firm.

Sarah Ann RogersComment