What Are Our Hearts Really After?

God’s Spirit is given to us to bring glory and gain to God (and not us).
— Pastor Rodney

In Acts 8, Simon the Sorcerer wants to pay the Christian leaders for their Holy Spirit power. He’s amazed, and he’s never seen anything like it. When we read the account, it’s easy to balk along with Philip as he tells Simon, “Your heart is not right with God!” Yet Simon was simply operating in his flesh as we all have (and probably will again). He was looking through his human, selfish perspective. He wanted to figure out how he could get more fame and more glory and more money - all temporary but highly sought-after things.

It should make us pause and ask what our hearts is really after. I know I want to want the things of God, but without intention and attention, I am self-centered, too. I am narrow-minded, too. I can value things with a worldly perspective, too.

God’s Kingdom is different than our kingdom. His ways are higher, and He is about His glory. And in His infinite goodness, He invites us in to be a part. He redeems us so we can be set free and so we can set others free. But we constantly have to remember that it’s all about Him. And we can spend so much sideways energy worrying and chasing after things that won’t last, things that won’t satisfy, with motives that will only further our own glory (which, again, won’t last, won’t satisfy).

God knows this, and He makes a way. He gives us perspective if we ask. He gives us peace when we set our minds on eternity and when we treasure His Kingdom over ours. For He deserves all the glory, yet He loves us so much, too. What a gift to be included. Let us keep that before our eyes always.

Sarah Ann RogersComment