What are you hiding that’s holding you back from living in freedom?

She owned up to her identity… And that’s the condition that God can start working with.
— Pastor Rodney Richard

Luke 7:24-50 — 8:1-3

A few months ago, perhaps a bit on accident, I prayed that God would search me and know me and reveal anything to me that I wasn’t seeing. There have been days that I wish I’d held back a bit with that prayer. I’ve seen some things surface that I don’t want to own, things that could be easily hidden to the naked eye.

But when I look at the woman kneeling at the feet of Jesus, weeping with thankfulness for how much she's been forgiven, something in me wants that, too. I want that freedom that she felt in every arena but I’m not sure I want to be that open.

We know that Jesus knew that her sins were many. Even Simon the Pharisee knew that she was a blatant sinner.

What if she had done what we have the tendency to do? What Simon probably would’ve done? What if she had tried to cover up and shove aside the parts of her that needed Jesus the most? 

God certainly would have still known her secret. I mean, Jesus spoke in verse 40 to Simon’s thoughts. Nothing is or was hidden from Him. Yet she was the one transformed. She who owned her sin could own her freedom from it. She could freely approach the feet of Jesus and reverently wash his feet with tears because she knew that she was fully known and forgiven anyway. She had nothing to hide. There was no shame for her who should have known it best.

I want that. As tough as the process might be, as much as I may want to look anywhere other than at my own neediness and sin, I can know that my Jesus is a God who does not shame the honest or the human. He’s not surprised at our very great need. In fact, He’s probably more surprised that we are trying to hide our imperfections from Him. Those parts of my life are the ones He came for. They’re the ones He wants to forgive so that when we read this: “Your faith has saved you; go in peace,” we know that these words for all of us, every part.

Think It Over:

What are you hiding that’s holding you back from living in freedom?


Lord, I know that You see every part of me, even the parts I don’t want to acknowledge. I ask that in Your timing and in Your grace, will You reveal the areas that I need to surrender? Search me and know me, God, so that I can find freedom in You. Thank You that Your will is to forgive and redeem, not to condemn and shame. Help me to remember these truths. Amen.

Prepare Your Heart:

For this Sunday: Read Luke 8:4-21

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