What/Who Are You A Disciple Of?

Disciples always make disciples.
— Pastor Rodney

If this is true, then I have to ask myself two questions:

  1. Who is discipling me?

  2. What am I discipling others to be?

Let's go ahead and say that we are being discipled by someone or something. Maybe it’s not conscious, and perhaps it’s not due to intense study, but we are certainly influenced by the information we take in and the people we spend time with. What, then, are we students of? Is it the news? The people we follow on social media? The gossip at work or the playground or the neighborhood HOA meetings? What am I taking in? And how is it affecting my life?

On that note, if my life is content for somebody else to take in, if someone was a disciple of mine, spent time with me and listened to what I said and paid attention to the way I treat people, what would they see? Well, they’d probably see a result of what I was learning and seeing and responding to.

This isn’t a scare tactic. This isn’t to terrify us into acting better, never watching the news ever again and deleting Facebook on our phones (though neither of those are terrible ideas).

It’s exciting, actually. Your life has purpose. Your words matter greatly in the lives of others. Your actions are influential. Just as you take in your environment, people in your environment take you in.

What a great platform you have to show Jesus to the world. You don’t have to show perfection, you just get to walk out your honest relationship with your Savior and let people watch. You get to apologize when you mess up, love the unlovable, be patient when the situation calls for stress, be faithful when others would give up. The Spirit equips you for these things, and these things make a huge difference in the lives you influence.

Your kids, your coworkers, your spouse, and your neighbors could all be positively impacted by you simply living for Christ. What a gift.

Think it over:

Pay attention to what you take in this week. What/who are you a disciple of?

Sarah Ann RogersComment