Wisdom Instead Of Weakness

What you get on the mountain will be needed in the valley.
— Pastor Rodney

See: Luke 9:27-50

I once read that Jesus was the most dependent man that ever lived. He consistently went away to spend time with His Father, fasting and praying and listening. He moved and breathed God’s will instead of His own (John 6:38).

Something in us can get a little twitchy when we think about being totally dependent. Perhaps it has to do with our American bootstrap culture. Maybe it’s because we like to think we can work hard enough on our own to get where we need to be. But if Jesus was so dependent on the Father, maybe we can start seeing our need to rely on God as wisdom instead of weakness.

If I’m really supposed to imitate Christ (1 John 2:6), if I’m supposed to walk as He walked, then I need to heavily prioritize spending time with the Father by reading and praying and learning His voice.

Not only does time spent with Him set my focus right, it prepares and equips and empowers me. The disciples wanted to have ability and power to cast out demons without spending the time to “go to the mountain.” Spending time with God should not be a reaction to life in the valley but instead a preparation for whatever will come. Jesus knew this, I’m sure, and His schedule and priorities and perspective all reflected it.

If we know that prayer and fasting and meditating on the Word are all really as essential as Jesus made them, then we can know that walking through our life without them is like showing up for war without a battle plan or armor. It’s like showing up for work in our pajamas. It’s like going to run a marathon on an empty stomach and with no training.

Except it’s not just work or a simple marathon or some imaginary battle at stake.
It’s our marriages.
It’s our children.
It’s our finances.
It’s our peace and our patience and our self-control.

Personally, I’d rather be dependent and fully reliant on the Source, pre-prepared because I’ve spent time learning His truths and being empowered by His Spirit. I’d rather that than the other — relying on myself to muster up the right words, the right heart, the energy and authority I need to stand against a very real enemy that comes against my family and my attitude and my choices and my hope and my thoughts.

I’d rather show up ready, and I only am truly ready by spending time with and being equipped by the One who already is and always will be victorious over His enemy.

Let’s recognize the lie that dependence is weakness. Let’s call it wisdom, following in the footsteps of Jesus, going to the mountain to prepare for the valley, finding freedom and boldness and authority and power and victory in His name.

Think It Over:

If God were to ask you, “What do you need from me?” — how would you respond?

Prepare Your Heart:

For next week read Luke 9:51-62 & 10:1-24

Sarah Ann RogersComment