You Are Created For A Purpose

What is it that only I can do?
— Pastor Rodney

If you haven’t ever heard it, let me say — you are created for a purpose. You are crafted with a skill set and dreams that are specific only to you. God knew you before you were even born into this world, and He had a plan for your moments and your days.

Yet sometimes, we hear these things and feel like fulfilling our purpose is just out of our reach. We wonder what it is that we are supposed to do. It gets even messier when we compare our lives to those around us. If they are doing that good thing, is that mine to do, too?

Perhaps it’s simpler than we think. If God has a good plan, if He knew what He wanted you to do, then let’s go ahead and establish that He is not confused. He knows the place where you work. He knows which neighbors live around you. He knows your spouse, your kids. Your sphere of influence is yours alone. He also isn’t surprised about which gifts you have (and which ones you don’t). The whole mix of your talents, your position, your dreams, and your family put you in a position that nobody else is ever going to be in.

The body of Christ is going to function best when each of us know our parts and stop trying to play ones that aren’t ours to play. It is going to thrive if we stop wasting time wondering what we are supposed to do and just show up right where are today.

Think it over:

What is one way only you can serve those around you?

Sarah Ann RogersComment