You Are The Church

It’s about engagement, not entertainment.
— Pastor Rodney

How does it change things when we remind ourselves that we are the church? That every person that encounters us encounters the church of Christ? 

Before you get nervous or insecure, let’s address that and throw it out the window. God has been using all kinds of people since the beginning of time. He’s used women and children and elderly and rich and poor and prostitutes and cheats and devout saints and new believers. He wants to use you. He has a plan for you. He will equip and prepare you for a good work. You are created to do something specific.

But the greatest thing the enemy could do to a believer is to get them to believe that they are just a bystander or that they are sidelined or that they are powerless. He gets you to believe that engaging isn’t for you, that you aren’t that “type” or that you’re too busy or too sinful or too ashamed. But engaging isn’t difficult. It’s not overwhelming. It’s just saying yes. Saying yes to gathering with other believers and listening to wise teaching. Saying yes to praying with open hands. Saying yes to reading our Bibles on a consistent basis. God takes our attempts to engage and say yes and He multiplies it. He leads us and guides us and opens doors as we obey. And we will see more than we could ask or imagine, but not if we hold back, not if we don’t believe that the time is now and we are the people. Let’s say yes, and let’s watch Him work.

Sarah Ann RogersComment