You Don’t Run Before You Walk

So often, divine moments start with divine steps.
— Pastor Rodney

In the Bible, we see such miraculous moments where it seems people were in the right spot at the right time and had the right amount of courage. And because we are on the other side of those stories, we see what God did, how he worked, the outcome of man’s courage plus God’s power.

Yet there was a “before” — there were men and women on the front end without any knowledge of what was going to happen. They didn’t have any blueprint or perfect 5 step outline as to how the story should go. But they trusted God enough to at least take a step of obedience, and often, that bold step changed the course of somebody’s life and somebody’s history.

God is so kind to allow us a part in His grand story. He is so generous to let us carry around His powerful, living Spirit inside of us. We have the immeasurable privilege of being His hands and feet and sometimes even His mouthpiece to a world in need of saving. But it all requires taking a step. Everything, large or small, requires a starting place. And you don’t run before you walk. And you can’t make a difference if you don’t move.

God is on the hook for the life change, but we get to take the step. We must take the step. We are called to take the step. The rest is up to Him. Let us be encouraged that God is in charge, and let us be bold enough to take the step without knowing the outcome. For the outcome is not ours to hold, but the God who does hold it is victorious, and we can trust Him.

Sarah Ann RogersComment