What is PLG?

Jesus told his disciples that they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the Earth. In other words, share good news personally, locally and globally. We hope you will join us as we accept the challenge of reaching out in our personal world (our neighborhood, workplace, school), our local world (our community and city) and our global world.

We can do this!

Who do we partner with globally?

• Water Mission (local and global)

Phone: (843) 769-7395
Website: watermission.org

How can I get involved with Water Mission? You can reach out to Bonnie Hanna, the Volunteer Coordinator here: bhanna@watermission.org

Wings International

Website: wings-international.org

Question about Wings International? You can email Becky Blanchard here: becky@wings-international.org

Who do we partner with locally?

• Charleston Hope

Phone: (843) 608-0185
Website: charlestonhope.com

Want to get involved with Charleston Hope? You can email them here: kendall@charlestonhope.com

• Classroom Mentoring (at Goose Creek Elementary, Nexton Elementary or College Park Middle School)

Questions about classroom mentoring around the area? You can email Kevin Harris at: kevin@wearenorthwood.com or you can reach out to him via phone at this number: (843) 764-2279

• Remnant House

Questions about the Remnant House? You can contact Jack Dunne here: jdunne7564@aol.com

• Eagle Harbor Ranch

Phone: (843) 688-5995
Web: eagleharborkids.org

Questions about the Eagle Harbor Ranch? You can email them to this email address: liz@eagleharborkids.org

• North Charleston Dream Center

Phone: (843) 375-1099
Web: seacoast.org/church-locations/north-charleston/dream-center

• Lowcountry Food Bank

Phone: (843) 747-8146
Web: lowcountryfoodbank.org

Need ideas for personal outreach?

  • Make cookies for your neighbor.

  • Organize a fun night with your neighbors.

  • Mow your neighbors lawn.

  • Invite your neighbors to church.

  • Babysit for a neighbor.

  • Show support for a local foster care family.

  • Help a widow or single parent with yard work, household chores, etc…

  • Invite your coworkers to your house for dinner.

Need ideas for local outreach?

  • Take a dessert to your local fire station.

  • Show appreciation for a school teacher.

  • Volunteer at Lowcountry Food Bank.

  • Volunteer at the North Charleston Dream Center.

  • Become a classroom mentor at a local school.

  • Organize an Adopt-A-Block for a local neighborhood.

  • Volunteer at Remnant House.

  • Volunteer at Eagle Harbor Ranch.

  • Visit the elderly at a nursing home.

  • Give peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless.

  • Take coffee, donuts or bagels to ER workers.

  • Volunteer to coach a kid’s sports team.

Need ideas for global outreach?

  • Donate to Wings International.

  • Volunteer or donate at Water Mission.

  • Sponsor a child overseas through Compassion International.

  • Encourage and pray for a missionary.

  • Go on a mission trip or sponsor someone else who is going.

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