The Jesus Storybook Bible — 2016 Family Advent Guide

Follow along with each day in December as we journey through The Jesus Storybook Bible with your little ones!

Day 1:

The Story and the Song — Family Dance Party! Sing and dance to Christmas music!

Day 2:

The Beginning: A Perfect Home — Use legos, blocks, and other materials to build a Christmas Tree.

Day 3:

The Terrible Lie — Make a Christmas treat together and share with a neighbor.

Day 4:

A New Beginning — Decide on a budget, then go buy gifts for a family in need.

Day 5:

A Giant Staircase to Heaven — Play a game together!

Day 6:

Son of Laughter — Use "YouTube for Kids" to look for funny Christmas videos.

Day 7:

The Present — Raid your pantry for items to donate to a food pantry.

Day 8:

The Girl No One Wanted — Dress up fancy or silly for dinner tonight.

Day 9:

The Forgiving Prince — Make s'mores!

Day 10:

God to the Rescue — Make an ornament for your Christmas tree or to give away.

Day 11:

God Makes a Way — Snuggle on the couch and watch a Christmas movie.

Day 12:

Ten Ways to be Perfect — Take a silly Christmas picture with your family and share it!

Day 13:

The Warrior Leader — With a parent’s help, do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Day 14:

The Teenie-Weenie…True King — Have snowman pancakes for dinner tonight!

Day 15:

The Young Hero and the Terrible Giant — Get in your PJ's drive around to look at Christmas lights.

Day 16:

The Good Shepherd — Have a Hot Cocoa Party (with lots of toppings)!

Day 17:

A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General — Have a picnic on the floor by the Christmas Tree.

Day 18:

Operation: No More Tears — Go Christmas Caroling.

Day 19:

Daniel and the Scary Sleepover — Make and decorate sugar cookies.

Day 20:

God’s Messenger — Have a "snowball fight" with rolled up socks.

Day 21:

Get Ready — Make a card for a family member and put it in their stocking.

Day 22:

He’s Here! — Act out the Christmas story with your family!

Day 23:

The Light of the Whole World — Play flashlight tag together.

Day 24:

The King of all Kings — Make paper crowns or origami stars!

Jennifer Edwards